Eachine E58 Wifi FPV Drone Maintenance Guide With Full Disassembly of DJI Mavic Pro Clone

  • Welcome everybody to the DJI Mavic Pro clone Eachine E58 wifi FPV drone maintenance guide and how to repair your drone tips and trick to rebuild it the proper way
    Having the micro brushed motors spinning the correct way and having the propeller sit in the right place to get your quadcopter with camera flying again
    The most common problem is breaking a prop and is the first thing we show how to replace and do maintenance so you won't lose any folding propeller during your Test flight
    but before you do any maintenance or disassembly of your foldable drone you MUST kill the Power and be really safe remove the lipo battery
    So the props don't start spinning while you're holding the e58 in your hand and you're not going to break any electronics like the Fc flight controller, wifi Module, and FPV camera
    To disassemble the body you need to remove six screws at the bottom before your able to replace an arm and 720 coreless motor drives a gear that turns the prop again
    If you strip the teeth of the transmission gear is no problem it's sold separately as spare parts and if you break the arms or burn out the motor you need to buy a replacement arm
    The flight controller looks good and Eachine soft mounted the FC to improve the six axes Gyro and altitude hold function we are only missing two of the four screws
    There are spare parts available just like for the FPV camera and wifi module sitting under the flight controller
    Eachine made it simple for you to assemble the quadcopter with a camera using only connectors so you don't need any soldering it's all plug and play
    each arm fit only one place and shows which direction it turns just follow the tips in the video to get the motor and props sitting correctly to get a good first test flight
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    Eachine E58: goo.gl/sZrwpb
    Spare Props: goo.gl/bQ9uKi
    Spare Arm & 720 Motor: goo.gl/qCE52U
    Transmission Gear: goo.gl/KC5MCs
    Flight Controller: goo.gl/moy3CS
    Wifi Module and FPV Camera: goo.gl/dJ2w7g
    Spare Lipo Battery: goo.gl/ahQr78
    1 to 3 Battery Charger: goo.gl/ymesXc
    Hard Travel Case: goo.gl/PsjhAi
    Landing Gear: goo.gl/zCzSqd
    Top Body/Canopy: goo.gl/X6yZiX
    Lower Body Part: goo.gl/8Mw89e
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