How to: Fix the takeoff problem on the Eachine E58 Drone (2 Minute Guide)

  • Hi Everyone! Today's Tutorial I will be showing you how to fix the takeoff issue on the Eachine E58 Drone. Since I had the same issue and struggled to find a fix myself, I decided to make a detailed tutorial. So people who have the same problem as me can quickly fix there Eachine E58 Drone.
    Problem: The Eachine E58 Drone won't take off or won't lift off despite having no wind/or being indoors.
    Solution and Fix: Calibration Error, Watch my whole video for a permanent fix.
    Some side notes about Eachine E58:
    - On the Eachine Manual and online, it tells you that you should download and install the "Eachine FPV" app from google play. However, the app is good, but a similar app called the "JY UFO" is the same app but offers more functionality and a better interface (Bear in mind, in the tutorial I was using the JY UFO app not the Eachine FPV). To download the JY UFO app click this link here:
    - If the takeoff is still not working, always try to calibrate the drone on a flat surface (Not on rocks or pillows, etc.)
    Thank you so much for watching my video tutorial, and if this helped you, please do like and subscribe! (It's Free).

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